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How A CPU (Central Processing Unit) Works !

Hi, we'll be discussing classical computing, more specifically - how the CPU operates and CPU parallelism. [Music] In the previous video in this series we discussed the shrinking of the transistor, allowing for more powerful and efficient computers, as well as the end of Moore's Law based on the miniaturization of the transistor within the next seven to ten years. Be sure to check it out for some background context for this video. Now in that video when referring to computing performance, we were focused on classical computing based on the CPU.

Classical computing, is essentially the digital computer, almost every computing device on the market today is a classical computer. Classical computers operate in serial, in other words, as mentioned in the first video in the series, Computing Origins, executing various instructions extremely fast in 'order', but to the average user it appears to be running them in parallel, meaning multiple instructions at a time. This is du…

What Is Twitter And How To Make Account On This

Hello friends, today I will tell you what Twitter is and how to use Twitter. If you want to become a social media expert, you must definitely use Twitter. You must have heard daily on the news or anywhere that today he tweeted this. This company tweeted this. What is this tweet after all? So for your information, let me tell you that posting on Twitter is called a tweet.

Most of the news that you see on TV channels daily is taken from the news twitter because there you will get the profile of every man, whether he is a celebrity or an officer of our government. Nowadays everyone has a profile on Twitter.

In such a situation, if any big man tweets, then it becomes news for news channels, and using them, he presents the news in front of us. So let's know what it is about this twitter and how it is used.

What is twitter

  • Twitter is a social media site similar to Facebook WhatsApp Instagram which was launched in March 2006 by Jack Dorsey in the official public. After that Twitter became famous as a social media site followed by Twitter as a social media site. And today he wants to use every bandana and today every man.
    Benefits of using Twitter

  • So far, you guys know what Twitter is, but now you will know what the benefits of Twitter are, why we should use Twitter. Today, if you have any complaint with any company, then you can complain by posting it on Twitter, for that you will have to mentor that company in the post. But that tweet or post will go to the profile owner of that company. After which that company will also reply to you. Which can solve your problem?

  • Similarly, if you want to complain to a government official, then you can tell about that complaint by tweeting that complaint and mentoring that person in that tweet.

  • For example, if I have to complain to the municipality of your area about cleanliness, then for this you can complain to the municipality through your Twitter account and tell about your problem.

  • Apart from all these things, you can also stay connected with your friends on Twitter. For this, you can create a group and add all the friends in it. After this, if you have to say something to someone, then you can send it to that friend by mentoring your friend in that message.

How to create an account on Twitter

  1. To create an account on Twitter, download the Twitter application on your Android or iOS mobile. After that, you have to open your Twitter application.

  2. As soon as you open the application, you will have two options. First, you will be asked to create an account. And in the second if you already have an account, you can log in from there.

  3. We have to create a new account here, so we will click on the create account. First of all, we have to put our name here. After that, as you click on Next, after that you have to enter your mobile number. If you want, you can also use your email ID.

  4. After this, you people have to click on sign up. After which you will have a verification code. Which you have to be verified by intermingling.

  5. After this, you will ask for a password, which will be your account password. Here you have to create your password.

  6. After creating the password, you have to select your profile photo. For that, by clicking on the select profile, select any image from your gallery and click on Next.

  7. After this, I will ask you guys your bio, in which you have to field description of yourself. After that, you have to click on Next again.

  8. Now you will get the option here of Sync Contact through which you can connect with your friends. If you do not want to do this then you can click on Not Now.

  9. Later, Twitter will ask you about your interest, that is, if you have an interest in the news then you can choose Breaking News here.

  10. After feeling all this, you will come across profiles of some big and famous people like Amit Shah Narendra Modi, Akshay Kumar Twinkle Khanna, etc.

The Conclusion

I hope you all have liked the information given about Twitter. And if there is any problem related to using Twitter, then you can write in the comment box in thank you.


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